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#chachi collective

The #ChachiCollective was created to encourage a daily body positive commitment
#chachicolletive commitment: Learn to love your body and encourage others to love theirs


You are good enough, exactly as you are right at this moment but we understand that believing that isn't easy after a lifetime of being told the opposite by media or peers or strangers. But it's true, you are good enough. Just as you are.

"The body positive movement focuses on building self-esteem through improving one's self-image."- Wikipedia


Being part of the #ChachiCollective means being nice to your own body, learning to respect it for keeping you alive, accepting it for how it looks right now, starting the journey to liking your body and eventually loving it and making a commitment to doing right by your mind and your body. Read the Blog for tips.


If you would like to be part of the #ChachiCollective then this means you commit to helping others get on the road to self love too. You can take this on as a passive or active role, whichever you feel more comfortable with.


At its core it requires a certain level of passive action: no body shaming others and stop engaging in conversations which encourage negative comments about your own, or other bodies. Don't feel like you need to raise your voice when others are using diet chat or shaming others if you aren't comfortable with interjecting, just don't engage. That alone is powerful.


Embrace a more forgiving attitude, commit to looking after yourself, commit to empowering others and these steps could definitely change your own life, the people around you, and who knows, maybe you could change the world...

Chachi Power Project: Danni welcoming people at a Glasgow meetup about body image and children
#chachicollective contact anchor
Run Your Own #chachicollective meetup!

We are sad that you can't all come along to our meetups in Glasgow and Edinburgh but don't be discouraged!


If you love body positivity as much as we do then why don't you have your own meetup where you live? This could be a bunch of pals chatting about the self-love utopian dream, concerns about society sprinkled with some ridiculous anecdotes over takeaway pizza or it could be an event of your own making involving the wider community! 


It's up to you but we ask that if you are doing it under the #ChachiCollective name then you stick to the #ChachiCollective commitment outlined above. That means: a room filled with support, positivity and love for everyone in it. Recognise that the world is a little messed up, but by being nice to yourself, your body and encouraging others to do the same; you can create that little bit of light the world needs. Get in touch for some #Chachicollective meetup tips or check the Events page or the Blog for ideas of what theme your event could focus on.

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