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The Chachi Power Project loves getting people together to chat about Body Positive issues and how they affect different societal groups.

Whether it's kids body image, post-partum bodies, menopausal bodies, LGTBQI+ body issues, disability, age, race, fat positivity... we'll chat about it!


These events tend to take place in Edinburgh and Glasgow but if you want one to happen closer to where you live then just get in touch or click here to find out how you can hold your own #ChachiCollective get together!


Self Care isn't all massages and bath bombs. We recommend you do one positive thing, no matter how tiny, to contribute to your mental and physical wellbeing every day. To see more about our self care campaign click here: #allaboardthechachitrain

In addition, and as a way to indulge your personal development and boost your creativity, The Chachi Power Project regularly collaborates with independent craftspeople and makers to host workshops which will get you thinking, reflecting, making and perhaps chatting. 

It could be flowers, yoga, beauty products, mindful movement, ceramics, woodwork, drawing... click here to find out what's coming up or here to see what we've done in the past.


If you are an independent maker and interested in collaborating then get in touch!


Danni from The Chachi Power Project regularly visits; schools, youth organisations, Universities, women's groups and businesses around the UK to chat about all things body image, body confidence and Body Positivity. 


It may be a 1h, 2h, 3h or full day workshop or training event which will be designed specifically for your organisation dependant on your aims. 

Danni may include any and all of these practices in a workshop: presentations, creative activities including craft making or creative writing, visualisations, group work and discussions, interactive exercises and video. If you are interested in Danni coming to visit you then click the link below!

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Danni is regularly asked to speak to various audiences about how to improve your own body confidence, the Body Positive Movement or about how she created The Chachi Power Project.

If you'd like to engage Danni to speak at your event, sit on your panel, be a guest on your podcast or something else, then find out more here or get in touch.

To hear what past event organisers have said then visit the Testimonials page or look at Past Events.

And if you want to see where Danni will be speaking next then click the link below.


Want to make peace with food, break away from toxic diet culture and enjoy a delicious communal dinner with a wonderful group of people? Then perhaps you should come along to the next Intuitive Eating Dinner with The Chachi Power Project?

During these dinners we will discuss the basics of Intuitive Eating as well as the rules we may have around food, practice mindful eating and hopefully make new friends. 

These dinners are mainly held in Glasgow and Edinburgh but if you'd like to hold a dinner closer to where you live then send us an email and we may be able to work with you to create this type of event for your own community. 


Once or perhaps twice a year The Chachi Power Project will create a unique body and self-love weekend getaway for you to connect, relax, learn new skills and practice some much needed self care in the Scottish Highlands.

This weekend will be filled with creative workshops, yoga, fireside chats, meditation and plenty of space for you to unwind. 

To find out more about any upcoming retreats then get in touch. See what guests have said about past retreats on our Testimonial page.

The Chachi Power Project Body Love Retreats

To encourage young people to show their bodies and minds the love and respect they deserve, then why not book Danni from The Chachi Power Project to hold a 'Sew Your Body Some Love' Crafting Workshop at your child's Birthday Party!?! Each participant will make and decorate their own 'Sew Your Body Some Love' Doll and then take it home with them!


This doll will act as a daily reminder to treat their body with respect in a positive and healthy way.

This workshop is perfect for young people aged 8-15 years old based in and around Glasgow or Edinburgh, Scotland. All the materials, equipment and crafting accessories will be supplied for your workshop. All that's needed is a table, chairs and good lighting to create the perfect crafting workspace!


Danni is PVG Certified. Click the link below to check availability & find out more.

The Chachi Power Project Sew Your Body Some Ove Birthdy Party
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