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#iwdswimrise is an annual sunrise wild swim held on international women's day (8th march) every year to celebrate all women and their amazing bodies!

#IWDSWIMRISE was dreamt up in 2019 by Danni from The Chachi Power Project and the photographer, Anna Deacon of Wild Swimming Stories. Together, along with an ever expanding team of volunteers, they organised this sunrise swim in a small bay in Edinburgh to encourage everyone to celebrate women and their incredible bodies.


The expectation was that around 15 people may come along for a paddle but the word spread and 70 women showed up at 7am to celebrate together. The swim touched the heart of the attendees and the nation (thanks to being featured in the national papers) and the camaraderie felt on the day was not easily forgotten. 

In 2020 the event grew even bigger with over 300 bleary eyed people arriving at Portobello Beach at 6.30am on the 8th March for that chilling but energising sunrise dip.


With help from The Outdoor Swimming Society other swimming groups were notified about the idea and encouraged to take part and raise money for a Women's Charity local to their area. In the end 84 different swims took place round the globe from Argentina to Australia and from Wales to Orkney!


#iwdswimrise 2019

#iwdswimrise 2019 gallery 

This swim at Wardie Bay at 7am on 8th March 2019 was the inaugural International Women's Day Sunrise Dip and it will forever hold a special place in our hearts.


We gathered, stripped off, paddled about for a few minutes (some experienced swimmers stayed in for longer), conga'ed, ate cakes, drank hot tea, gave hugs and revelled in the wonder of the day. 

The event was featured on: Edinburgh LiveThe Sunday Post, The Edinburgh Evening News as well as the printed editions of: The Scotsman, The Herald and The Edinburgh Evening News.

All photos are credited to the amazing: Anna Deacon Photography

#iwdswimrise 2020

Thanks to Rob Waugh of and Chris McIntyre for this epic memory of #IWDSwimRise2020, Portobello Beach, Edinburgh

Our second International Women's Day swim went global! Anna and Danni held an incredible Edinburgh swim at Portobello Beach which was attended by over 300 swimmers supported by many friends and family, and their dogs!


Thanks to the help of the Outdoor Swimming Society spreading the word about #IWDSwimRise to their network, another 83 other swims took place around the world!


Most swims raised money for a charity local to their area with over 50 women's charities benefitting from £11,500+ worth of donations. 

The Edinburgh event was featured on: The Daily Mail, The Herald, The Scotsman as well as the printed editions of: The Metro, The Edinburgh Evening News, The Herald and The Daily Record. 

The joy and fellowship experienced around the world lasted well beyond the one special day. Here's to next year!

#IWDSwimRise, Portobello Beach, Edinburgh. Photo credits to Anna Deacon Photography, Danni Gordon and Chris McIntyre (drone shots)

2020 stats:
300+ edinburgh sunrise swimmers
84 wild swim groups around the world held sunrise swims
1800+ sunrise swimmers globally
£11,500+ raised for local women's charities

A selection of images from the 84 global swim groups taking part in #IWDSwimRise2020, more can be found here.

to find out more about future swims follow us here....

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