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claire fogarty
sexpression St. Andrews
The Chachi Power Project Workshop at Sexpression, St Andrews

"On 3rd February 2018, Danni kindly took part in Sexpression’s Scottish Conference, held at the university of St Andrews. She delivered a speech/workshop to students from across Europe and enlightened us all on body image issues both in society and personal to us.


Her intro talk explored some eye-opening facts explaining ‘universal negative body image’, with fascinating detail in areas such as capitalism, diet culture, and photoshopped media, which were both relieving and empowering. I personally felt reassured to understand my hang-ups as myths that had been sold to me, which has left a lasting impression and helped me to fight any guilt or self-criticism I’ve struggled with, since. 


People were engaged and excited during the interactive discussion, and Danni made the session fun whilst remaining sensitive to the serious topics. The atmosphere felt safe, friendly, and non-judgemental, throughout. Danni also led some more meditative exercises where we were called to explore our bodies in spiritual and imaginative ways. I found it uplifting to think of my body from an entirely new perspective, and the discussion which followed brought up some intriguing differences in the individual directions the open-ended exercises had taken us.


After the workshop, all attendees agreed that the exercises had been emotive and interesting, a great challenge to the way we are normally pushed to objectify ourselves and think superficially. Overall, the session really shifted my mindset, and I think everyone left with things to think about and an optimistic outlook. "

We Love Reteat Participants 2017

"Thank you a million times over. This came at just the right time for me and I've taken so much more from it than I could have ever anticipated. I was so busy before the retreat that I considered not coming but I'm so glad I did.


It was great to meet such a diverse and beautiful group of people. I feel that we all lived and worked well together as a group. This was helped by both of you, I noticed how welcoming and warm you were to everyone and how you both put a lot of effort into making sure everyone was included and that they were important. 


I loved that there was a balance of activities through the retreat and the focus on other aspects of our wellbeing was great and I imagine that's not typical of other retreats. The workshops/ discussions/ fireside bits all felt very therapeutic and I've taken lots that I will carry forward in my life. You have both made me want to live a life that is much more closely aligned with what is important to me. 

You both clearly put a lot of time and effort into the activities and it is so appreciated. Danni - you are maybe one of the funniest women I've ever met and I think you should be the next Oprah. Your enthusiasm for this area was infectious and I know you will do great things with this project."

chachi live 2017 attendee

"I genuinely hadn't thought of talking to my kids about body positivity but it's so important and now I feel like I have the starting point for conversations that could genuinely change their lives.


It  would be utterly life changing for them to grow up happy and secure in themselves, but equally important, appreciative of everyone else around them. You guys are making me a better parent ❤️"

Danni from The Chachi Power Project at Chachi Live 2017
francesca de munnich
we love retreat 2017 participant

"Danni and Rachel organised an exceptional retreat, especially given it was their first! The weekend was the perfect balance of creative workshops, yoga and meditation in the mornings with free time in the afternoon to go for walks, write in our journals or sit by the log fire. We all felt at home right away in the beautiful Dell Lodge with incredible home-cooked food by Polly.

I left We Love Retreat feeling inspired, re-energised and body positive, and would recommend it to anyone looking for some soul-nurturing time in the peaceful Cairngorms."

We Love Reteat Attendees 2017
nadine ramsay
ora beauty

"Danni Gordon is a wonderful woman with a wonderful story to tell. I invited Danni to talk at an event I was holding with around 20 - 30 female clients. As her words filled the room and her story unfolded I felt the audience understood her and could relate and identify with the thoughts and feelings she described and in a way she was describing them too. 

You don't hear honesty like that everyday.

Danni made for a great speaker and an inspiring, thought provoking advocate of positivity."

Ora Beauty's 1st Birthday
Canongate youth, edinburgh

“Danni and her project bring a much needed spark to the discussion of body confidence and growth mindset in a way that is enjoyable, accessible, and funny!


Danni herself is such an inspiration to any young person hoping to embark on a journey of self-love, and self-discovery.”

Workshop participants at Canongate Youth
Jennie Cook, radio presenter, DJ & podcaster

"Just wanted you to know, I'm fully taking all the stuff you say onboard. I've curated my Instagram and I've started giving myself major breaks. 


I thought I was being kind to myself before but I totally wasn't. I'm being more conscious of it now as a result of meeting you"

Jannie Cook of The Snash Podcast
Jaz Moodie, MUDE threads
Attendee at sexpression
St. Andrews

"Your workshop still impacts me every day.


I catch myself out when hating my body and jump back to after your workshop in St. Andrews when I made a lil pact with myself to stop myself and anyone around me from self-destructive thoughts/ comments. 

Such a small workshop but a huge impact- big love to you Danni!


I've also started being an idiot when I'm in the car alone and doing a cheeky "I am confident, I am funny, I am beautiful" monologue just to get it out there verbally. So funny!"

Jaz Moodie of Mude Threads
Anonymous attendee of connected edinburgh event talk

"I think the work you're doing is immensely valuable.


It isn't simply about making people feel 'positive', it's about shifting the whole structure of what we value - it's working at the level of beliefs."

Katy Nixon
When the Blackbird Sings for International Women's Day Speaker

"Thank you to both of you for the opportunity to read my words. I wrote that passage after a difficult day. It came straight from the heart and when I saw your submission opportunity I instantly thought of that raw bit of writing.


To stand up and speak in a room full of people and other amazing creatives, surrounded by all those beautiful pictures was something I'll never forget. Then to be photographed by Jannica, something that gives me massive fear was so empowering. The whole experience has been so empowering.


I can't thank you both enough for the space you created for all of us, it wasn't just one night, it is something that lots of us will treasure."

Katy Nixon from When The Blackbird Sings International Women's Day
Introduction to Intuitive Eating Glasgow Attendee:

"We had a great night! I loved the venue and the food was amazing – thank you so much for organising this.

My son has OCD especially around food (obsessive with clean eating & exercise), so it was really good to talk to him when I came home about what I was doing, why and what I ate. He was very interested and gave me a new way to reach him and talk about his OCD. So the evening had an extra bonus for me."

Intuitive Eating Dinner in Glasgow
Louise McCarron: Introduction to Intuitive Eating Attendee

"I LOVED the food, all the more for closing my eyes and being aware of the varied and changing temperatures, textures, flavours, etc.

My big take away from the night was: Though I have learned to love myself, I too often disrespect myself with the way I treat my body. I am utterly convinced that intuitive eating is the answer and hope to make gentle progress in that direction."

Intuitive Eating Dinner in Glasgow
Eugenia twomey
body wisdom for self love workshop leader as part of the #selfcare sunday sessions

"It was an such a honour to offer my Body Wisdom for Self-love workshop as part of the Chachi Power Project's Self Care Sunday Sessions.


Collaborating with Danni is pure joy! Her enthusiasm and dedication to championing for women to join in community, feel good and become self-empowered is contagious. Her attention to detail and commitment to high quality events allows for the all involved to feel completely at ease and deeply immersed in the experience.


It was a brilliant day, thanks for making it possible!"

Eugenia Twomey Self Love Workshop
Participants of Body Wisdom for Self Love Workshop
Julie: body wisdom for self love participant. part of the #selfcare sunday sessions

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for making my first Self Care Sunday Session so special. I have never done anything like that before and I really, really enjoyed it. I felt each and every person in the room taught me something new and I felt a sense of belonging and trust that I sometimes don’t feel with people I have known for a very long time. 


Thank you to everyone for sharing their story and making me feel normal and even wonderful, you are all amazing. I am really, really trying to accept myself exactly as I am! However, in this crazy world, somedays it feels almost impossible. This Self Care Sunday Session made it feel like a very real possibility."

Nathalie: body wisdom for self love participant

"I thought that over the years I felt quite content with my notion of self-love. I had learned to take time for myself, and learned to say no. However the workshop made me question it in my daily living. Apart from having met some lovely people, the experience of sharing my day with you all enabled me to look at my thought process and be alert for negative thoughts and self doubt. It has also helped me to delve more into the subject and made me realise that learning about oneself and love is life long research."

Emma Liddell, MOJO Women's Transition Programme in partnership with Edinburgh Women's Aid

"What a breath of fresh air to have Danni from the Chachi Project leading us through her Body Positive workshop.


The women in the group have experienced heightened negativity about their bodies through abusive relationships and the opportunity for them to disclose their anxieties in a safe place was quite extraordinary.


Danni was informative, fun, inspiring and inclusive. I can't wait to work with the Chachi Power Project again."

Women's Aid Logo
Lynn darby, attendee of Wevolution workshop, paisley & owner of Positive Body Fitness

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Danni's Body Positivity workshops in Paisley. Danni is such a lovely, calm and open person and I felt I could listen to her speak all day long! It is such a fascinating subject which I have a keen interest in.

When I qualified as a personal trainer I was shocked and saddened to hear the way my clients felt about their bodies. Lots of negative self talk and turning away from the mirrors: it was heart breaking. I believe that women are worth more than their body weight, size and physical abilities. The obsession with fat loss and the continual quest to get smaller by diet or more exercise should not be prioritised over our happiness, quality of life, performance and mental health.


I help my clients exercise because they love their body and want to look after it rather than because they hate it. In my exercise classes we don't accept any negative talk at all, if I feel my clients are over exercising or are very stressed I advise them to cut back and look at introducing more self care into their lives. 

It is wonderful that Danni is spreading the Body Positivity word in Scotland, she is one inspirational woman. I look forward to attending one of Danni's intuitive eating dinners in Glasgow with one of my clients.


I would definitely recommend one of Danni's events you would not regret it!"

"Danni and I met in 2017 and instantly knew that we needed to work together on a project.


It is rare to meet someone who is fun, energetic, inspiring AND has the discipline to follow through on delivering outcomes.


We co-created and ran the 2017 We Love Retreat. I found the entire process, from marketing, logistics, content design and running the actual event to be an absolute joy with Danni.


During the retreat Danni provided boundless energy and created a sacred space for the women attending to feel supported and comfortable. Her workshops were thoughtful, well planned and provoking.


Danni has a unique way of delivering tough topics in a fun and informative way. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Danni – DO IT. I can’t wait to return to the Northern Hemisphere and work with her in the future."

Rachel Bowley, Rachel Claire Coaching

Rachel bowley
co-creator of the we love retreat 2017
Susan taheri:  participant, Self Care Sunday Session: Creating Sacred Space Within Our Physical Bodies

I just want to thank you for creating such a powerful and moving workshop last weekend. It has been a catalyst for some significant changes in my attitude to myself and my body and I really appreciate the effort you and Sarah put into the format, the content and creating such a safe and supportive environment.

chachi chats: menopause

Joyce Dalgleish:


"Everyone heading to 35yrs or beyond would benefit from this insight into hormone health and their crucial role in wellbeing.


And bonus you get to eat like a god!"


Dionne Read:


"Menopause is a very scary word to so many woman and the internet, although a valuable source of info, is quite a minefield!! 


Angie is a very knowledgeable lady and her talk was most informative.  She's a very down to earth person and turns complex conversations into easy to understand help and support.


Roots venue was lovely, we've never been there before but would definitely consider coming into town to sample the delicious food again."

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