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your positive yogi: rachel

You’ll find Rachel in wide open spaces; with her peppermint tea poured, kindle open, and yoga mat in hand; the sound of waves crashing or wind whistling through the trees in the background. When you find her, know that she’s sitting in wait for a conversation with you.


She created Rachel Claire Yoga as a space to play, flow and explore women’s health and wellness.

As a recovering 'get shit done' girl, Rachel uses daily pranayama, mantra meditation and yoga to keep herself balanced and to stop the brain rushing off in a million different directions. 

Most of the time it works, except when she's in the shower, because that's when all the best ideas happen.

A 200 RYT yoga teacher, Rachel’s style is heart-centred, ashtanga vinyasa flow with alignment principles. Her life coaching is energetic and holistic, including yoga therapy and massage techniques in her work.

Rachel of Rachel Claire Yoga profile Picture: We Love Retreat: 24th-27th November 2017
an evening introduction to intuitive eating
tali's yoga x the chachi power project

‘Intuitive Eating will not only change your relationship with food; it may change your life.’

- Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, authors of 'Intuitive Eating'

With the toxic messaging that we receive everyday about what we should be eating, how to eat, how much to eat and when, it's very easy to feel like the control isn’t in our hands anymore.

Diet culture, weight conversations and body shapes fill our eyes and ears every day and some people equate every thing they consume with a points value or what has to be done in the gym to make that next bite justified. All the pleasure has been stripped out of one of the most pleasurable experiences: eating. But can we trust ourselves without the diet or 'lifestyle choice' dictating to us?

The Chachi Power Project wanted to create this special evening to explore Intuitive Eating and has asked Tali from Tali’s Yoga, who is a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and an advocate for Intuitive Eating, to talk about the basics. We will discuss emotional eating, body cues, mindful eating, having an unrestrictive approach to food alongside making a commitment to do the right thing for your body. In essence Intuitive Eating is about rebuilding the trust between your mind, emotions and your body.

We'll do all of this while walking the talk: we'll be eating a scrumptious communal dinner! Let’s get together to chat, laugh, eat, drink and be merry- while also learning how to take back control of our own bodies and the food that goes into them. We invite you to join us!

Ticket price includes a delicious meal (all food intolerances taken into consideration) and one glass of wine, beer or soft drink of your choice.

Chachi Power Project: Intuitive Eating Event May 2016

Ticket Price: £25+ booking fee

Edinburgh: 18th July

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