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[Piece originally written for Sarah Louise Ferg's blog]

Since creating The Chachi Power Project in January I have become acutely aware of the pressures put on everyone by society to present themselves in a certain way to feel ‘good enough’.

My perspective is: I am good enough. We are all good enough. Being dictated to about what ‘beauty’ is, is a fabrication. Who got the final say? Why? We are too scared to question the norm, we are too scared to stray from what is acceptable and I don’t blame you. The backlash is just too demonising to cope with. That’s why I was inspired by the hashtag #botanicalbodyhair which was created on Instagram by the incredibly talented ladies @sarahlouiseferg and @unfounddoor

Too many women have internalised this misogyny that we have to present ourselves in the opposite way to what nature intended; hairless, smooth, perfect. It’s bullcrap.

Should I be taking this more seriously?

We have hair, we have bumps and lumps, we have spots and scars and stretch marks and every single one of those things society calls ‘flaws’ is the exact opposite of a flaw. These marks and twists and turns your bodies show are natural and beautiful and every one of them tells your wonderful life story. Each ‘flaw’ should be celebrated for bringing you to this magical bit of existence called ‘right now’. Take a moment and thank your body for bringing you through that rocky thing called life and helping you get here.

Society may not be ready for your hairy chin or legs or belly or ‘tache or toes just yet so what’s important is to recognise why you pluck or shave or wax. Don’t pretend you prefer it because- would you really do it if everyone else wasn’t? And know you are doing it to protect yourself within this oppressive patriarchal society and if it was ‘allowed’ you’d be a beautiful bearded lady.

Check out the hashtag and join in at:

Thanks to @yeahokbye for the styling, the photography and the beautiful handwriting throughout this blog post.

Learn more about the Chachi Power Project here:

And here are some of the outtakes which made us crease ourselves laughing!!

Extreme Closeup: you get to see the beard in all its majesty.

I should seriously be in some catalogue somewhere...

Yes I may look like a pirate but I could feel something in my eye!

I totally did have something in my eye.

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