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chachi chats is go! Here is episode 1 with body image and intuitive eating coach gillian mccollum!

Ok so I won't do a blog about every episode but come on!!! This is my first one! And I'm gonna blow my trumpet... well, Gillian's trumpet, because this first episode was so insightful!

I talked to Gillian about the controlling messaging of diet culture and how intuitive eating can benefit you if you are a disordered eater.

We play around with ways to reconnect with your body which counteract toxic external (and internalised) systems of oppression aka Fatphobia and how we should be aiming for Utopia, also known as 'a matriarchal society'. YAY!

You can listen to it here and I've shared the show notes below so you can easily follow everyone we mention and find out more!!

Who we recommend to follow / learn more about:

Morag Wilson Yoga:

London Centre for Intuitive Eating:

Isabel Foxen Duke:

Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole:

Jes Baker's 'Thing's No One Will Tell Fat Girls":

Yogi's to follow:

Internalised Fatphobia: Blog article by Ragen Chastain:

Click here to link through to the episode and see more ways to follow Gillian and her work below...

Follow Gillian McCollum, Body Image and Intuitive Eating Coach:


Instagram: @gillianmccollum

Facebook: @intuitieeatinghealthcoach

Learn more about Danni and The Chachi Power Project:


Instagram: @chachipowerproject

Facebook: @chachipowerproject

Twitter: @chachi_power

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