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Hair flipping into 2020 like the 🧜‍♀️I am!

Every single New Year there is the usual deafening diet culture chat hidden behind the guise of 'Resolutions' involving: weight loss, new 'easy' short term regimes, 'lifestyle' choices, strict food type or booze restrictions, juicing and 5am gym punishments...

Don't worry! I'm not here to give you grief about you starting a new diet (although if you have, this article might be of interest to you) because the truth is: What you do with your body is up to you. It's YOUR body.

I prefer to go about my new years in a slightly different way. Mainly because I realised New Year's Resolutions just made me feel like a failure around February 7th because every single one has gone out the window. Instead of setting myself up for failure for the past few years I make two lists instead. One reflecting back- where I figure out what I'm committed to leaving behind and the second is looking forward, where I jot down what I'd like to do more of in the coming year.

Here are last week's lists:

In 2019 I'll be leaving behind: toxic relationships, a sore back, forgetting to schedule pilates, brooding over unanswered texts & staring at my phone too much, ambivalence, forgetting to look after my plants, saying yes to everything, getting hung up on boys, and being unnecessarily lazy....

In 2020 I'll be doing as much or as little of the following as I can manage: being kinder to myself, practicing intuitive eating 🍕🍏🍴, throwing more pots ⚱️, reading more books, kicking off a podcast, talking to my counsellor, figuring out how to become a mum, travelling around southern Italy 🇮🇹, painting my flat, journaling ✍️, cooking more, remembering to meditate 🧘‍♀️, developing Body Positive ideas with Whitespace, festivaling 🎶, remembering to move more 💃, visiting friends, clothes shopping less and even ukelele playing! 

I'd also like to volunteer to visit the elderly as well as meet some wonderful new people, perhaps even the man of my dreams but for those of you who follow #dannidoesdating you will understand my perspective on that...

If you are being slightly tough on yourself this New Year then before your next protein shake/ workout/ date/ diet relapse I want you to figure out all the stuff that hasn't been working for you and make two lists. One reflecting back over the last 12 months and then one looking forward.

And on that 'future' list can you do me a favour and put: Be Kinder to Myself

There is always room for that.

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