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The Chachi Power Project: Danni Gordon explains what her body means to her

The Chachi Power Project is about having a platform to show body positivity in all its fine forms. It's not, and is probably still not, gonna be a space where I parade my body that much. Although a few things have happened recently: I spoke to Naomi Wood about her powerful project 'Body of Women'. I messaged @the_feeding_of_the_fox on Instagram about her recent shoot with Naomi and we chatted about the political reasons she shows her body. I've finished reading Jes Baker's book "Things No-One Will Tell Fat Girls" and soaked up her perspective on the lack of visibility of diverse bodies in media. Oh and I spend my days chatting about bodies and bopo and scrolling through Instagram where I see wonderful advocates like @scarrednotscared and @bodyposipanda and @franhayden and @_____halle__ etc. all talking about why they show their bodies. So I thought I'd add in my tuppence worth which might be the same as some of those advocates or might be slightly different... Last year, at 33, I realised my life is WAY bigger than my body. This body is probably about 3% of what makes me a human being and now I am just so thankful every day that I have this incredible body which allows me to live and which works so goddamned well. That's something to recognise, be grateful for and even celebrate.

While I feel I don't respect it or listen to it as much as I should, in amongst all that newly found affection I have for it, there isn't much time to neg on my belly rolls anymore. Here I am at the bluest lake in the South of France yesterday with my two best friends (one is taking the pic... Can you guess the other one?) and just being very happy about ALL OF IT. Point to add... I had this post all ready to publish to Instagram with another photo and then at the last moment I realised I'd chosen the most flattering option. My belly was shadowed, my arms were straighter, my hair looked bouncier... So I changed it for the one above where it's just the real me.

To explain what I mean I've included the outtakes below... See what I mean about the different photo options...

The Chachi Power Project: Danni Gordon explains what her body means to her

The original pic which I subconsciously chose...

Hahahaha! Forgot that what goes up must come down...

Now that you have heard my story I'd love to encourage you to think about what makes you a human being then see if your perspective of your body changes? I'd love to hear what you come up with. Send me an email:

D xxxx

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