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It ain't easy going from full on hating your body to rip roaring unadulterated full on body love. Yeah a lot of it is a mindset shift and for some that comes like a lightbulb moment but that's rare. The majority of peeps have to work at it, slowly and regularly but in the end we can all get there. Megan Jayne Crabbe (aka @BodyPosiPanda) did a really helpful blog about a few things to think about if you are struggling with jumping on the body love train.

Since it isn't an easy step for most, I've been trying to figure out ways to help people in the most effective manner. And I think this idea is the best yet! Along with a friend we have created a fun little body love and creativity focussed weekend retreat to help people learn a bit more during an intensive, yet relaxing, few days. It takes place from the 24th-27th November in Scotland!

As everyone always says: "if you need a boost, surround yourself with those who love you and who bring you up rather than down". Well that's what the WE LOVE RETREAT is all about.

It's going to take place in the most magical, stunning home in Nethy Bridge (near Aviemore) in the Highlands of Scotland. To me, this area is THE MOST beautiful in the world but I may be slightly biased/ patriotic. But I'm not really because it's true.

Polly and Ross who run the Dell of Abernethy have given us the main Lodge to host this fabulous 3 day/ 3 night retreat. Polly will be cooking us delicious, wholesome, locally sourced fair for 3 meals per day + snacks and fruit and countless teas and coffees.

This all came about when this magical being (called Rachel) was introduced to me not so long ago. This stunning New Zealand mindfulness queen who has the work ethic of a farm ox raised the idea that together we could make something really, really special for some wonderful people. Rachel brings the meditation, yoga and mindfulness magic to the weekend while I bring some creative workshopping and body love.

We decided to host this retreat for females only. One day we'd love to run a co-ed retreat or even an all male one(!) but for now we want to create an enclosed little supportive group. Since many women's issues to do with their bodies stems from trauma's or experiences with men then we'd like to make this retreat a comfortable space for the attendee's to share, or not share, as much as they would like.

We have also designed this retreat to take place in pairs. That means you can come with your best friend, your mother, your partner, your daughter. Whatever scenario is fine by us! You will be sharing a twin room and we hope that this retreat not only strengthens your connection to each other, but also enhances your own feminine energy and the collective feminine energy. We know it is a force to be reckoned with when indulged and set free.

You can read more about the details of the retreat here. We plan to keep the workshops under wraps as we love an element of secretiveness. It adds the sparkle. We do let attendee's know they will be doing daily yoga and meditation and eating beautiful food and sleeping in sumptuous luxury. The rest is all hush hush but I can guarantee there will be laughs and creativity and a whole lot of supportive love in The Dell. We expect varying degrees of yoga/ meditation experience from novice to pro and are happy to accommodate all.

We have only got 4 spaces left and the early bird option is available till 20th September so I'd book as soon as you can. After this retreat Rachel is heading back on her travels around the world (sad face for me) so who knows when the next retreat may be!

Can't wait to see you there!

Click here for more details.

Danni xxx

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