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If you haven't discovered the world of podcasts yet then seriously?? What?? Have you been reading books or something!?? COME ON, you aren't 9 years old any more! (Joke, JOKE: Reading is good).

There are SO many podcasts out there looking at body positivity in different ways but to cut through all that chatter I thought I'd share 5 of my faves to get you started. Click the links or find these and download them on the medium of your choice:

The legend that is Ira Glass, explores the topics of fat, diets, obesity, people of colour, morality and religion all in this well crafted podcast.

Top body positive podcasts to listen to by The Chachi Power Project

Yeah this podcast is number 3 in my list but that's no reflection of its greatness. I was told about this wonderful podcast by a drag queen called Bougie on a train from Glasgow to London and have listened religiously ever since. Listen specifically to episode 41: Body Capability with Susan Wakoma and episode 2: Food with Sofie Hagan but actually just listen to the whole back catalogue because you will learn so much. #feminismrocks

And just to cement my deep deep love... Here I am being a stalkery super fan.

#ImAFeministBut... when meeting Deborah Frances-White of The Guilty Feminist Podcast taping at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I couldn't remember Michelle Obama's name and said to Deborah: "You know, Barack Obama's wife..."

Top body positive podcasts to listen to by The Chachi Power Project

You have to have heard of Virgie Tovar? If not, then this is the perfect intro. Daria, the creator of the podcast, has a lovely soft but interested way about her and Virgie is a strong fat super-smart fashionista who I REALLY want to be best friends with.

Image stolen from Virgie Tovar's Instagram

I couldn't pick a specific episode of Women's Hour to suggest for you to listen to. The radio show have created them in a way that one podcast may cover 5 different topics. But in July 2017 (5th, 7th, 10th, 17th July) they did a run of pieces on the topic of Eating Disorders which might give you a brief insight into how these diseases can affect people and what help is currently available in Britain.

GET LISTENING! You are welcome.

Danni xxx

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