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I didn't quite realise that love was as expansive as it was. The We Love Retreat in Nov 2017 expanded my heart quite a lot.

I fell in love with:

- all the women who invested their time, energy and commitment into coming to the retreat.

- the Dell of Abernethy for providing the perfect environment for us to relax and work and come together.

- Polly, Queen of the Dell who looked after us all and fed us the most exquisite food.

- I'm in love with every morsel of the locally sourced, perfectly prepared food, which I was able to eat that weekend.

- the wintery woodland for providing us moments of connection and calm and admiration for the wider world.

- Rachel, our yogi master who I was able to experience, learn from, watch at work and admire for a full weekend.

Oh and because I'm a big advocate of learning to love and be gracious with myself I'll include me in all this too... I love and respect my mind and my body for being present and creative and fun.

The We Love Retreat, Dell of Abernethy, Chachi Power Project

Participants enjoying lunch at We Love Retreat 2017

When people ask me how the retreat went my answer is: it was the highlight of 2017. And that's no easy feat. 2017 was filled with a huge amount of highlights (not forgetting the lows which makes the highs stand proud) but the retreat which Rachel and I worked so very hard to make special, calm, powerful, creative, fun and soul-enriching yet relaxing, for 7 wonderful women to experience, was undoubtedly a high.

The main theme running through the feedback was: "thank you and can it be longer?"

We tried to provide a combination of wintery walks, creative workshops, yoga, meditation and fire side chats to create a space for reflection, mindset changing, perspective realignment and growth. Add in the food, the lodgings and the location and you'd think nothing could fail... but there was a special ingredient which brought everything together....

We Love Retreat guests on a wintery walk, Nov 2017

Winter Wanderings with 2017 participants

Our guests. Seven women who brought their individual spirits, open minds, open hearts, honesty and trust. These spirits collided throughout the weekend through sharing and laughter, compassion and understanding to create a powerful energy and firm friendships.

When we dreamt up this idea, we hoped to achieve perhaps a tenth of the healing and hilarity which took place. It turns out that the energies aligned.

You can have a look at what we got up to by scrolling through this Facebook Album here and there are a few Testimonial to read here.

I can't wait to create it all again in the heart of the Cairngorms from 9-12th November 2018 with 9 incredible women.

This retreat will be a little different as the 'movement' part will be looked after by the amazing Janet McInnes, a 'Forrest' trained yoga teacher from Edinburgh. As Rachel will be back home in New Zealand come November I was given the hard task of finding the most perfect person to fill her flip-flops. I'm so excited about working alongside Janet to give you an intentioned yoga practice which will fan the flames and compliment everything you may be experiencing throughout the retreat.

We will have meditation, yoga, winter walks and creative workshop as usual but elements of Intuitive and Mindful Eating will also be integrated for this retreat. This is just one other way to enhance the commitment we'll be making throughout the weekend to looking after our bodies and minds.

There are currently 7 spot available out of the original 9. We welcome all women to this special weekend and the early bird pricing is up for grabs. Find out more details here: We Love Retreat and get in touch with me here if you have any questions.

Danni x

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