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I’M BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT BREASTS: My interview with DeAnna Miller

The Chachi Power Project blog post: I'm beautiful without breasts

A few weeks ago I got a new Instagram follower @deedoll1966 aka DeAnna Miller. One of those really supportive followers who just ‘feels’ every post you make and is championing all the words you say. (They are my fave followers #soznotsoz).

She mentioned in a dm that she’d love to come to my retreat but can’t because she lives in Houston, Texas and is currently undergoing management treatment as now she is in remission from breast cancer which started last year & she has brca2 gene mutation. Clearly, we got to talking…

The Chachi Power Project blog post: I'm beautiful without breasts

DeAnna today

Since starting The Chachi Power Project I’ve become interested in speaking to people who have suffered from a disease. How do they deal with body confidence or being happy about their body when it has played games with their life?

I used to, and know so many people who, hate their perfectly healthy, normal bodies. Now that I don’t hate mine anymore I am surprised daily, at how pretty much everyone does have an issue with their bodies in some way. It really is a demonstration of just how brainwashed we all are. These days I’m really horrified at how I could have been so hard on my body when it was so good to me. I don’t linger over thinking back because, clearly…. I’ve wasted enough time.

Now I’m intrigued to know more about how people going through a disease feel about their body, then, when in recovery how does that feeling change or does it change? Is there mistrust, resentment, fear, lack of control, a sense of pride, guilt or wonder? Is the messaging we receive so strong we can’t get away from it even if we are a survivor? Do our priorities change or do we still feel the need to lose weight, be better, be prettier when we have overcome a massive ordeal?

I can’t imagine what I’d do if I was having to deal with something I was being subjected to inside or on my body. So I asked DeAnna some of her thoughts… Ready to get blown away?

What she has been through:

“I had a bilateral mastectomy and lymph nodes removed. I had tissue expanders inserted for future breast reconstructive surgery. I’ve had chemotherapy & radiation therapy. I had a total hysterectomy in December. I’m taking a daily chemotherapy pill to help reduce my chances of cancer returning. I have no breast, radiation burns, scars, my hair recently started growing back. I’m leaning towards not have reconstructive surgery and going totally flat chest. I love the body I’m in. My only goal is to ease the bone, joint and muscle pain I experience daily. I want to live a healthy, happy life. My quality of life is what I’m chasing these days.