• Danni Gordon


I love a #bopo podcast. I listen to them all the time so I thought I'd help cut through the sheer mass of listening material out there on the Body Positive Movement and give you a top 5 list of some recent podcasts which I have thoroughly enjoyed.


BBC World Service: The Benefits of Nakedness

August 2018

BBC World Service: The Benefits of Nakedness: Credit: Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket

Credit: Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket

Anyone who follows my Instagram Stories will know that I do love to prance about naked as much as possible. Annoyingly every window of my flat faces onto the neighbours windows and it depends how I'm feeling that day as to whether any of them get a peek or not.

And if you have been following me for a while then you may remember that I went along to the Glasgow Continental Skinny Swim a few months ago to get my baps out in public! I'm not really an exhibitionist, I was mostly curious about how comfortable I felt being naked in public dressed only in my new found appreciation for my body.

I also posed for a life drawing class for a fun collaborative evening organised between All The Young Nudes and Spirited Bodies but that's a story for another day although you can check out a drawing of my bum here and here. (I know you clicked those links. Cheeky!)

Back to the naked swim: Arlington Baths is magnificent! This gorgeous private Victorian swimming pool and Turkish bath house in Glasgow, which you can only normally access if you are a member, is taken over by Scotland's Naturist Society every Sunday night for 3 hours. And the Society open it to the general public so non-members, like me and you, can go along and frolic naked!

It was great! Totally loved it and have been meaning to go back but it's not as easy since I live in Edinburgh now. Obviously the grand Turkish baths bit with its decorated starry roof is gorge but it's also a lot of fun watching the few naked peeps channel their inner Tarzan and fling themselves across the pool swinging from one wooden hoop to the other or trying out the trapeze. Flying penises!

I also quite like the fact you get to wrap yourself in a toga like sheet and swan about the place like the Queen or King that you are. Oh and everyone is rather friendly, even more so when you are in the skud as there ain'