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  • Danni Gordon

Is Fatphobia a Real Thing? Are You Kidding Me?

The Chachi Power Project: Confused face

My actual face when I hear Kaye Adams ask her audience if there is such a thing as ‘weight hate’ aka fatphobia on BBC Radio Scotland this morning and whether fat shaming is a good thing cause it encourages people to get thin which apparently means ‘get healthy’ in a lot of people’s books. The discussion from members of the public is unbelievable. What right does anyone have to pass judgement on anyone else's body?

Luckily a guy called in and told a story of his experience of putting on weight due to a back injury and people he knew started looking at him ‘with disgust’. If that’s not a prime example of fatphobia then I’m not sure what is? I was only tuned in for a second because I had to dash but I’ll find it on iplayer to see what people were saying. Looking forward to hearing what @rosalindmain had to say.

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