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  • Danni Gordon

Scottish Size Inclusive Designer: What Lydia Made

In a world where nearly every image you see tells you your body isn’t good enough, look a bit harder and you will start to find some gems in amongst it all, blowing the rest of the bullshit out the way. This is underwear designed and handmade by @whatlydiamade. That’s Lydia on the right hand side in the picture alongside @novascotiathetruth @heatholders and @amy_tucker___.

She is raising money so she can upscale her patterns to create underwear for people of all body shapes and sizes. She is dedicated to making her work truly inclusive so everyone gets to feel as beautiful as they are. You can check out the @kickstarter on her profile. Lydia recently featured on @jenniemcook’s The Snash Podcast and talked openly and hilariously and seriously about motherhood, pregnancy, birth and her body. Her honesty and attitude (and humour) really make you wanna be her pal. I’m also rather grateful for the name check ladies- that’s sweet of you. Go help Lydia our if you can offer any support. I’m rather excited about receiving my @art.brat.comics poster!! And download the podcast and have a listen, subscribe and listen to episode 1 after if you fancy too (that’s my one)! I feel blessed to know that I’m part of a positive, powerful, creative community in Scotland all working together to amplify and encourage. Together we can all do great things. Photo taken by @bethchalmers_photo

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