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  • Danni Gordon

Boobs Are Weird

The Chachi Power Project: Jenny Colquhoun Boob Print

This print is one of my favourite new things I own. My very own limited edition ‘BOOB’ print by @colquhoundraws. Once I frame it and get it on my wall it will be a daily reminder that bodies are weird and wonderful. That when you strip us right back we are just a bunch of cells which magically co-exist to make us into the humans we are. That these little wobbly puppies I own are made up of magical glands which may, one day, feed a baby and in the mean time, I get to have fun with them... 😏 I’m just gonna say it: boobs are weird but when you think about it- every little bit of us is weird. I mean, have you looked at your toes recently? To think that your big strong body goes all the way down and ends with 5 little nubs? I mean! WTF? I digress. Anyway, have a look at Jen’s page and perhaps you wanna get your own print or perhaps one of @kmoodsbunnets or @_bethlamont_’s necklaces take your fancy. All these specially designed boob products are part of their wonderfully named campaign: #boobzapalooza and are only on sale for October which is #breastcancerawarenessmonth.

These women are giving 40% of each sale to Breast Cancer Now. #legends.

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