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  • Danni Gordon

Learning From My Past and Working To Eliminate Body Hate

Chachi Power Project: Eliminate Body Hate

T-shirt design by @bloodynorapam

I can’t actually believe how much of a cow I used to be. I used to chat so much shit about people. Total strangers! I have definitely said “why on earth is he with her” when spotting someone in a club. If not out loud then definitely in my head. I used to work in a box office at a music festival and I remember making comments about people’s clothes, their bodies, hair, make-up... Ugh.

I feel disgusted at my past self. And it was pretty much always directed towards women. So rare that I’d ever criticise a guy (but it did happen).... We all have elements of our past that we wish we could change and this is a big burning one for me. I think there was a lot of bad juju I put out into the world completely unnecessarily. And to be honest it was probably the time when I was criticising myself the loudest and thinking that everyone was silently criticising me. FUNNY THAT?!? I’m hopefully making some amends now for the years of negativity by giving workshops and talks which discuss the detrimental effects of living in a hyper critical world and discussing what internalised misogyny/ sexism is. I’ll also spread the message just by walking down the street now in my new “Eliminate Body Hate” T by @bloodynorapam 💜💟💜 We aren’t bad people, we just do shitty things sometimes, but it’s never too late to change the script. (Obviously if you are a serial killer you should be in jail though, change the script in jail) Follow me on:

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