• Danni Gordon


I was recently asked to speak on the BBC Radio Scotland Kaye Adams show to add my tuppence worth to a debate around Jameela Jamil's recent i_weigh sub-campaign to ban photoshopping.

(If you haven't checked out @i_weigh yet then you might want to...)

The Chachi Power Project: @i_weigh campaign

Jameela talks about her thoughts in her recent editorial piece in Nylon magazine. Calling it a 'crime' and 'evil'. And in recent tweets talking about how Photoshop has been 'weaponised' against women.

I agree. To a degree.

I agree that Photoshop is overused and abused. I agree that the way it is used to elongate bodies, slim them down and tone them up is rather evil. Evil to the people taking in the media who never get to see a real, normal body and evil to the models in the images who are altered beyond their own recognition.

Airbrushing really mucks with our idea of what a normal body should be.

I get what Jameela is fighting for and I think for society to progress in the right direction we do need these people with the powerful loud voices to use their platform.

We need them to push out the grand ideas which have been long discussed within the Body Positive Movement but perhaps didn't get the clout they needed to reach a wider audience.

That exposure gets us all talking, raises awareness where it was lacking before and means that more of the general public will recognise the sheer scale of the problem.

Any fighting for change in the right direction is valid and I will support it but I'm also a realist and, in my mind, a blanket ban on Photoshop in photo shoots would be wholly unfeasible and impossible to police and enforce.

Let's look at it in sections....