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I have the unfortunate habit of getting bored VERY easily. It happens with places and people (ahem boyfriends) and books and words and hobbies. It's probably got a lot to do with my incessant need for instant gratification and more, better, faster, NEXT! I'm going to blame my phone. Everyone else blames smart phones for loads of stuff so I'm lumping my issues in there too since it's easier than taking any personal responsibility. Ha! And so when it comes to SELF CARE I'm sort of getting a bit bored... The buzzy term that was so MASSIVE in 2018 now seems a bit passé. I tend to switch off when reading articles about it... Anyone else? But what I realise is: it doesn't matter whether you read the articles. It doesn't matter if you switch off. It doesn't matter how unfashionable you think that overused expression that hit 17 million (this stat has no basis in actual reality) mentions on Instagram in August 2018 is... Self Care is Action Self Care is a Commitment Self Care is Integral Self Care, for some, can be Revolutionary Wait a minute... Self Care is pretty badass!

Self Care is about:

- brushing your teeth - tearing yourself away from your computer/ breastfeeding/ driving/ cleaning/ TV watching to go to the fridge to pull out that carrot 🥕 so you get some nourishment - PUTTING THAT GODDAMNED PHONE DOWN at 10pm so your brain can rest before sleep - making that solo swim a priority this week

Self Care is different for everybody every single day.

So whether you are sick of hearing about it or not... just make sure you are blooming well doing it. Doing something, doing anything that is just for you.

The world won't fall apart if you don't brush your teeth but doing it might help you feel normal during a tough time. That swim might help you sleep so you can think straighter the next day. That bite of carrot 🥕 might help you poo. 💩 Hahaha! Or see in the dark! 👀 Whatever... The little actions add up. Do what you can.


If you are in Edinburgh on Sunday 7th April 2019 and can invest in a lovely, special day filled to the brim with lots of little elements added together to make an uber explosion of Self Care... 💥 then the wonderful Sarah-Alexandra Teodorescu and I have created this yoga, movement, journaling event at Calm on Canning St. It's 5 hours long and a way for you to re-connect with your body, move, stretch, learn, write, eat, meditate and relax in a beautiful place with some beautiful people. A chance to escape real life for a moment and a half. We'd love it if you could join us. Danni and Sarah xx

p.s. Just because this is event is 5 hours long it doesn't mean it counts as your Self Care commitment for the year... You are not off the hook.

Self CAre Sunday Session: Breathe

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