• Danni Gordon


Hood Magazine: Wellness Issue April 2019

Hood Magazine April 2019 Issue: Wellness Credit: @hoodmagazine_ Instagram

An abridged version of this interview was first seen in Hood Magazine's April 2019 Edition. Find out more about Hood Magazine and where you can pick up a copy here.

What was your aim in setting up The Chachi Power Project, and why did you think it was necessary?

In truth I always thought The Chachi Power Project would be a stop-gap between jobs. I was made redundant from a job I loved in Dec 2016 because the company was struggling a bit. I had been doing a self development course down in London and the next undertaking was to be a ‘Project which was to positively affect a community in your life and culminate in an event of some sort’. I'm the sort of person who relishes stuff like that so I thought: Great! This will keep me occupied till I find a new job!

Since I’d had a recent change of mindset towards my body I decided to start a body confidence project. “It’ll last about 4 months, I'll hold an event, I'll raise some money for charity, I'll help a few of my friends be happier about their bodies and then I'll get a job. And wouldn't that look good on my CV (Look how resourceful Danielle is with her time)?”

But as we all know... things don't always go as planned. Which isn't always a bad thing...

How has the project been received?

The project was so well received and I'd unknowingly ignited a hard-to-dampen passion which I'd never really had in relation to a ‘career' before.

I held my big event: 'Chachi Live: The Power of Loving Your Body' in May 2017 and the feedback was unbelievably positive. I started to receive messages from online followers and people who had come to the event and they were heart-warming outpourings of love, desperation, confusion, sadness, joy and mainly: need.

It was clear people needed something. I'm not such an ego-maniac to say they needed me, but there was definitely a need for something new: a new way to think about themselves, a new way to talk about and relate to their bodies, a new way for us to think about all bodies.

I sat there thinking: "I don't want to stop doing this" so I didn't and by August 2017 I was registered as a Sole Trader and The Chachi Power Project was my full time gig. And it is the best thing I have ever created.

Have you struggled with body confidence previously? If so, how did you change that? And if not, where does your confidence stem from?