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Chachi Power Project Image of Danni and her friend Jenny who helped come up with The name for The Chachi Power Project

Funny you should ask because it is a funny story…

Scene goes:

Jenny and Danni having coffee somewhere in Edinburgh. (Forgive me Jenny if this isn’t remembered 100% spot on.)

Jenny: I just had this amazing one-to-one session with my yoga teacher.

Danni: ooooh

Jenny: We were working on the Svadhisthana- the Sacral Chakra which is focussed through your pelvic area. It’s the seat of your basic emotions, sexual energy and creativity.

Danni: huh, really? (A lot of my conversations go this way)

Jenny: Yeah- I was working on my chachi creativity.

Danni: *splurting noise* HAHAHAHAHAHA! Your chachi creativity!?

Jenny: hahahahahaha! Yeah! It's a cute name for your bits!

Danni: ‘Chachi Creativity!’ We should make that the name of a creative agency! HA!

Jenny: hahaha! LET’S START A BUSINESS! (Jenny says this a lot)

Then a week or 2 passed and I started this project and thought of that conversation, remembered that I wouldn’t have got to this point or been thinking along these lines if it wasn’t for Jenny and thinking how powerful her creativity and friendship is in my life and how powerful this project could be and the CHACHI POWER PROJECT was born/ named!

So yeah- your Chachi is a cute little name for your bits. While this project does have parallels with the #PUSSYPOWER movement because of the belief in equality and feminism and strength and capabilities, specifically for me, #chachipower is about collaboration, creativity, hilarious fun and supporting your fellow human. And I just want to be clear: Just because it’s another name for your fanny (UK fanny- i.e. vagina) it doesn’t mean this project is just for women. Body positivity affects all genders so everyone is welcome to be part of the project.

I think it is an excellent name. Thanks to Jenny for being so inspirational.

Twitter: @chachi_power

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