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  • Danni Gordon

UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME (what it means to me)

Danni Gordon: Chachi Power Project: Unapolotegtically Me. Photo by Lisa Gordon Scott

Me: Photo by Lisa Gordon Scott

Unapologetically Me Unapologetically me means to be here, with this hair, with this body, with every inch of this body, with every miniscule minutae of this body (I could go on) with this laugh, with these ideas. Taking up space in the lives of others, of my friends, of my family, of the wider world. Not sorry for the position I hold amongst them. Unapologetically me means saying no. To those others. To pleasing. To looking after my heart and my mind and my soul so I can be my best unapologetic self. Unapologetically me means authenticity. It means understanding myself. It is about getting to the root of my behaviour. The reasons. Being compassionate towards actions in my past. Recognising links between my experiences and the reactions they have caused and continually cause. And being mindful of my future behaviour. Recognising my triggers, coming to terms with them. Owning them. Conquering them. Being powerful. Unapologetically me is about sharing. Sharing my story, sharing my life and inspiring those who fear to do the same. Those who don’t have the confidence to shine brightly yet. Unapologetically me is knowing I have every right to be present in this world alongside every other human being who exists on this earth. And Unapologetically Me is about fighting for the rights of all those other humans to exist freely too. Unapologetically me is a basic human right, to me.

What does it mean to you?

Danni xx

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